Monday, May 22, 2017

Center for Families and Community Partnerships finalize merger with new agency name

Madison, WI, - May 20, 2017

RISE – Helping Community & Family Thrive. Community Partnerships and Center for Families announced the name and logo of the newly merged agency at our 5/19/17 Circle of Hope fundraiser. RISE was chosen as the new agency name because it symbolizes the determination, growth and optimism of both agencies. More importantly, it represents the resiliency of our program participants. The individuals and families we serve have overcome adversity, trauma, and tragedy. Our services and programs provide support, hope, and compassion to help people overcome barriers in their lives.

RISE serves over 6,800 children, families and individuals each year.  Our programs and services help those in our community most in need to overcome mental health and health crises, poverty, homelessness, academic challenges and more. The programs at RISE include: Parent Child Home Program, The Respite Center, Welcome Baby, Early Childhood Initiative, Children Come First, Transition to Independence, Court Ordered Evaluations, and Comprehensive Community Services. 

We will be rolling out the new name and logo over the summer.  A special thank you to Candorem for guiding the re-branding process and to Green Clock Films for producing our reveal video:

Contact information
RISE (formerly Community Partnerships and Center for Families
  Business office: 1334 Dewey Court – Madison, WI  53703 Ph. 608.250.6634 
  Secondary office: 2120 Fordem Avenue – Madison, WI  53704 Ph. 608.241.5150 | Fed ID: 91-2064768

Other RISE locations (Early Childhood Initiative):
2225 Allied Drive #4 – Madison, WI 53711
3301 Leopold Way, #108 – Madison, WI  53713
5810 Russet Road, #3 – Madison, WI  53711
1632 West Main Street, #9 – Sun Prairie, WI  53589


For inquiries, contact Julie Sheldon at 608.729.1142, 

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